Xbox partners with Inworld AI to create AI-based tools for game development

Xbox begins cooperation with Inworld AI, a developer of artificial intelligence that helps create advanced non-game characters and scenarios for games.

The two companies will start working on artificial intelligence that will help game developers generate more creative ideas by turning small ideas and hints into detailed scenarios, dialog trees, quests, etc.

They are also working on an AI character engine that can be integrated into the game client, creating completely new narratives for players with dynamically generated stories, quests, and dialogues.

“As with all creators tools we make at Xbox, our goal is to deliver state-of-the-art AI tools for game developers of any size, anywhere in the world and on every platform where players want to play. We want to help make it easier for developers to realize their visions, try new things, push the boundaries of gaming today and experiment to improve gameplay, player connection and more,” Xbox wrote in an announcement about the cooperation.

According to the announcement, Inworld AI teams with experience in creating and developing AI characters will be able to better utilize their ideas with Microsoft resources, including advanced cloud AI services such as Azure OpenAI and others.