Microsoft urged to extend support for Windows 10 beyond 2025

Microsoft is urged to continue to support Windows 10 and provide security updates for this OS beyond 2025. The petition was prepared by the Canadian-American organization PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), writes Express.

Representatives of the group argue that discontinuing support for this operating system will lead to massive e-waste, which is better avoided.

The fact is that about 70% of the world’s Windows PC users are still using Windows 10, despite the availability of Windows 11. This is because many computers cannot upgrade to the new OS due to incompatibility.

“Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows 10 could cause the single biggest jump in junked computers ever, and make it impossible for Microsoft to hit their sustainability goals,” the PIRG said, addressing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The group also added that the new version of the operating system’s stringent hardware requirements could lead to “40% of the computers in use now being thrown into the trash.”

As a reminder, Microsoft released Windows 11 in October 2021. Support for Windows 10, except for versions distributed through the Long-Term Servicing Channel program, will end on October 14, 2025.