The next Apple Watch model will learn to measure blood pressure and monitor sleep apnea

The season of Apple Watch Series 10 insights can be considered open, even though the current model went on sale a few weeks ago. Over time, the company has focused the gadget on the user’s health and continues to develop this direction. Thus, within a year, Apple’s smartwatch should receive a couple of new features that have been circulating for years.

This is what Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, whose predictions are often confirmed at Apple presentations, tells.

According to an insider, next year Apple Watch will be able to measure blood pressure and monitor respiratory arrests during sleep. The pressure measurement function has been previously attributed to several previous models, but Apple Watch has not yet received it. Sleep apnea (short-term respiratory arrests) monitoring was also mentioned, but this feature has not yet been included in the release models.

Of course, insiders also cannot guarantee the support of the mentioned functionality in the Apple Watch Series 10. As you know, Apple is very cautious with such features and will not release them to the general public until they are fully ready. There have been such examples before, and the best of them is blood glucose measurement.

The company still has plans to implement non-invasive sugar measurement. However, this function will not replace the glucose meter – the watch will monitor sugar trends and can warn of pre-diabetes.

Mr. Gurman’s article tells about Avolonte, a company that has been working on similar functionality since the days when Steve Jobs was still CEO of Apple, who wanted to get non-invasive sugar measurement in the Apple Watch. Currently, they plan to implement this with the help of short-wave infrared absorption spectroscopy.