Google abandoned an API project that would help identify Chrome users

In July, Google started working on the Web Integrity API for Chrome. The project was supposed to help websites authenticate users and their devices/browsers, but according to 9to5Google, the company decided to abandon the idea after hearing feedback from the community.

The Web Integrity API would allow websites to “request a token that certifies key facts about the environment in which their client code is running.” This could help identify manipulation of social media accounts, combat bot traffic, prevent account hijacking, and more.

Instead, Google has introduced an updated Android WebView API that allows embedding video and audio in Android apps with advanced configuration and user interface settings.

Previously, the problem was that this API could be used as a tool for fraud, as application developers could access web content and intercept or modify user interaction with it.

The updated API will allow media providers to receive a specialized integrity response that provides a device and application integrity verdict so they can ensure their streams are running in a safe and secure environment.