New features for working with stylus in OneNote

Microsoft has added support for new stylus gestures to OneNote on Windows and several other useful features that will improve the user experience.

By selecting the text pen in the Drawing tab, users can convert their manuscript to plain text and edit the converted notes using natural gestures, such as highlighting text with a strikethrough or deleting text by erasing it.

The company has also completely redesigned the Drawing functionality, adding improved stylus input accuracy and a quick shortcut to get tips.

Microsoft has also added support for vertical layout to the Windows app, which was previously available in the web version, as well as the Mac and iPad versions. They also simplified the process of writing notes by adding an auto-completion feature. To automatically select the word you’re looking for, you just need to press Tab or the right mouse button.

It’s worth noting that this update will only be available for the OneNote app, not its Windows 10 version.