After updating to watchOS 10.1, Apple Watch smartwatches may overheat and lose battery power quickly

Following the recent problems with overheating of new iPhones, the latest release of the operating system for Apple Watch seems to have a similar flaw. Some users complained about excessive heating of the gadgets and rapid loss of battery power.

The problem was brought to the attention by 9to5Mac.

The watchOS 10.1 update generally added the NameDrop and double-tap features, but there were no significant changes to battery life or other optimizations in this section.

After the update, not all users have encountered difficulties, but there are still a lot of complaints. And they affect different watch models: both the older Apple Watch Series 4 and the newer Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

For example, one of the users of the Apple Watch Series 9 gadget completely discharged in just three hours. In another case, the Apple Watch Series 7 lost 25% of its charge in 30 minutes. There are also many reports of similar problems on Reddit (1, 2, 3) and the Apple community forum 1, 2).

Moreover, in some cases, due to excessive heating of the device, the watch may pause charging. In this case, you will see a corresponding message in the settings: “Charging paused due to Apple Watch temperature”.

So perhaps users who have not yet installed the update should postpone it for a while. As noted by users of the beta of this version of the OS, there were problems with rapid discharge even then, and the description of the new watchOS 10.2 beta does not mention any battery bug fixes (yet).