Cloud Imperium Games shared a 26-minute analysis of Squadron 42

Cloud Imperium Games has presented a 26-minute video analyzing Squadron 42, a single-player game that was once supposed to be part of Star Citizen.

According to the developers, the game is ready and they are now in the final stages of development: making the last adjustments to the gameplay, testing the quality, fixing bugs, optimizing and bringing the game to the best possible state.

In the video, the developers shared both cinematic and gameplay footage of flying and fighting on spaceships, shooting, exploring space and new planets. They also showed interaction with the environment and how it will help in the game.

A lot of time was devoted to battles and flights on spaceships, which already look much more interesting than in Starfield. The developers talked about improving the interface of the starship to make players feel like a real pilot when exploring the world or being in a fierce battle.

They also told us that shooting and stealth have also received many changes: an improved looting system, weapon feel and balance, realistic sights, and smooth movement. They also emphasized that the advanced artificial intelligence of enemies will allow for a variety of skirmishes and battles.

They also showed the work done on the game’s appearance, talked about improved lighting, and compared the previous versions of the game with what is available now, and it’s worth noting that Squadron 42 looks incredible now, at least on video.

In addition, the video showcased the game’s star cast, featuring Mark Hamilton, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Ben Mendelsohn, and John Rhys-Davies.

However, despite everything shown and told, the developers did not say the most important thing – when the game will be released. So now we can only hope that the polishing process will not take a few more years.