System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition – new trailer, but still no release date

As part of The Indie Horror Showcase 2023, Nightdive Studios has revealed a new official trailer for the long-awaited System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition.

The development of an updated edition of System Shock 2 was announced back in August 2019, but it is proceeding at a very slow pace. And even now, after the moderate success of the System Shock remake, which was released in May 2023 and sold between 140 and 290 thousand copies, Nightdive Studios is not ready to announce the release date of System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, limiting it to the usual Coming soon.

On the other hand, 140-290 thousand for a new System Shock is not enough for a project that took so long to develop, so perhaps the number of players waiting for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is not as high as Nightdive Studios thought at the beginning of development in 2019.