Google is focused on making sure Android works as well as possible with every update

During an interview at The Android Show, Dave Burke, vice president of Android development, said that Google is focused on making the system work as well as possible with Android updates, writes 9to5Google.

According to Deyav, quality is a priority for developers when working on new versions of the operating system.

If you think about how much we depend on our devices and how much we use them [in] a day, it’s just really important that the device runs really, really well. Really, really reliably. The highest performance, highest fidelity.

The Android team has an internal “promise” to work on every update to make it better than the previous one and work better.

Taking into account Dave Burke’s words and recent changes in Android updates, such as reducing the CPU load from background applications, Google wants users to experience no crashes, freezes, or other problems while using their smartphone.

For users, this looks like an obvious approach to operating system development, but inside the development team, they take it very seriously and constantly change the way they implement ideas to make them work best.