Patch for Payday 3 is delayed, and in the meantime, the game has lost almost all players

Players greeted the release of the heist shooter Payday 3 with a bit of a mixed reception, although the game has garnered a good online start. But almost a month has passed, and the first patch is still missing and will not be available for a while. The developers announced this on Twitter.

“Heisters, we’re sorry for the lack of communication regarding the first patch. We have identified some issues that need to be fixed before we can bring it to you, but rest assured that this is the main priority for our teams,” the statement says.

To which some players respond that “we could certainly wait, but you’ve already lost your audience.”

And it is true. Since its release, Payday 3’s online peak on Steam has dropped 15 times, from almost 80 thousand at launch to 5 342 players over the past day. It seems to be a verdict.

As for Payday 3’s Steam rating, it has dropped a bit more and now stands at 40/100 based on 31 500 reviews.