Pixel 6 owners are having problems with Android 14

Pixel 6 owners began to complain that after updating to Android 14, they began to experience problems with the system, including data loss on their smartphones, writes The Verge.

The issue is reportedly affecting Pixel 6, 6A, and 6 Pro users who use multiple accounts on their smartphones. After updating to Android 14, access to the storage on the smartphone disappears, causing users to lose all their data.

Other users also complain that the smartphone’s launcher interface constantly crashes and that it freezes and crashes in various programs.

One of the Pixel 6 owners on Reddit complained about a problem with his smartphone’s memory being “full”, even though he still has 250 gigabytes of free space. He contacted support, but they were unable to advise him. Despite the fact that the problem appeared more than a week ago, he still hasn’t been offered any solution.

As of now, Google has not commented on the situation.