Marc Andreessen defends AI and believes that holding back the technology will cost lives

The founder of the venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Marc Andreessen, has published a manifesto in which he lists the enemies of technological progress, including artificial intelligence, writes 404 Media.

According to the founder of a Silicon Valley company, any obstruction of AI development “is a form of murder.”

“We are told that technology takes our jobs, reduces our wages, increases inequality, threatens our health, ruins the environment, degrades our society, corrupts our children, impairs our humanity, threatens our future, and is ever on the verge of ruining everything,” the manifesto says.

Marc Andreessen voiced his position at a time when there are many questions surrounding AI, including concerns about the technology’s safety.

“We [a16z] believe Artificial Intelligence is our alchemy, our Philosopher’s Stone—we are literally making sand think,” he says. “We believe any deceleration of AI will cost lives. Deaths that were preventable by the AI that was prevented from existing is a form of murder.”

In the summer, the European Parliament adopted a bill known as the Artificial Intelligence Act, which imposes new restrictions on what is considered the most risky use of the technology.
The final version of the law is expected to be adopted no earlier than the end of this year.