Google Camera app has changed its name to focus on the manufacturer’s own smartphones

Thanks to their proprietary camera app, Google Pixel smartphones are among the best devices for mobile photography. Currently, Google Camera is exclusive to Google Pixel by default, if you ignore the customized versions that are available for other smartphones.

Android Authority drew attention to the fact that this weekend the name of the application changed to Pixel Camera. This once again emphasizes the exclusivity of the software for Pixel smartphone users.

In addition, the list of devices that support the new app also emphasizes that Pixel Camera will only work with Google Pixel smartphones that have an OS version of at least Android 14. Similarly, Pixel Camera will be able to work with Wear OS at least version 3 and, of course, must be connected to Pixel smartphones.

Along with the name, the description of the features has also been updated, emphasizing, for example, the Cinematic Blur feature, as well as some of the Pixel 8 Pro’s specific features, such as 50-megapixel photos and Pro mode, which provides advanced settings during operation.