Total War: Pharaoh – trailer for the game release

The new global strategy game in the Total War series, Total War: Pharaoh was released yesterday on Windows PC. On this occasion, Creative Assembly Sofia (formerly Black Sea Studios and Crytek Black Sea) and publisher Sega presented the game’s release trailer.

As a reminder, the events of Total War: Pharaoh takes place during the New Kingdom period from 1550 to 1069 BC, in the Bronze Age. The base game features 8 leaders of three nations: the Egyptians Ramses, Seti, Tausret, and Amenmesse; the Canaanites Bei and Irsu; and the Hittites Kurunta and Suppilulium. As usual, we are offered a deep global strategy with dynamic tactical battles and authentic combat units.

Total War: Pharaoh is not the first game by Creative Assembly Sofia in the Total War series. Before that, the studio worked on Total War: Rome II – Empire Divided and Total War: Rome II – Rise of the Republic, as well as on Total War Saga: Troy.

Interestingly, the last major project of Creative Assembly’s headquarters, which is called Sega’s most expensive project, the shooter Hyenas, was closed a month after the announcement!

Повертаючись до Total War: Pharaoh, the game currently has a Stream rating of 61/100 based on only 317 reviews. On the day of the release, the online total was only 5 400 players! This is catastrophically low for a game in the Total War series. Games like Total War: Three Kingdoms, Total War: Warhammer, Total War: Warhammer III and Total War: Rome II gathered more than 100 thousand players in the first days after release.

The price of Total War: Pharaoh on Steam – 1899 UAH for the standard edition, 2 307 and 2 896 UAH for various extended editions.