In California, the right to repair equipment has become law. What does this mean for manufacturers?

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Right to Repair Act into law. This will make it easier for equipment owners to repair their devices themselves or send them to independent workshops, writes The Verge.

Manufacturers now have to provide the appropriate tools, parts, software, and documentation for seven years after production for devices costing more than $100. For cheaper devices, these materials must be available for three years.

The bill was authored by California State Senator Susan Eggman. She believes that the document will help small repair shops, provide consumers with a choice, and protect the environment.

The law will apply to electronics manufactured and sold after July 1, 2021. However, it will have exceptions for game consoles and alarm systems.

In practice, the law will also be useful to consumers in regions where such legislation does not apply. For example, Google, which is headquartered in California, has decided to provide spare parts for its Pixel 8 smartphones for seven years.