Google Pixel shipments have reached almost 38 million since 2016

Google Pixel, while not a dominant player in the global smartphone market, is making steady progress. Following the recent launch of the Pixel 8 series, updated data shows that total shipments of Google Pixel have reached about 38 million units. This is a significant increase, especially in the last year, 9to5Google reports.

Francisco Geronimo, vice president of IDC, said that 37.9 million Google Pixel smartphones were shipped from 2016 to 2023. He emphasized that sales have been growing by “double digits” in recent years. For comparison, while Apple, according to analysts, annually ships more than 224 million iPhones, Pixel shipments are not out of the ordinary, but it is important for Google that they are constantly growing.

In 2018, the company doubled its Pixel shipments compared to its debut year, reaching just under four million units. In 2019, these numbers grew even further, with Google shipping 7.2 million devices this year alone.

Prior to the launch of the Pixel 7, Google approached the 30 million mark with 27.6 million units sold. This means that over the past 12 months, Google has shipped approximately 10 million Pixel smartphones, setting a new record for the brand, surpassing the previous high of 7.2 million units.

This growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of the Pixel in markets such as the US and Japan. The report for the second quarter of this year emphasizes that Google Pixel is profitable, while other Android brands are in decline. Interestingly, Japan has become Google’s largest market for Pixel smartphones. In addition, Google was the only smartphone brand in North America that did not experience a year-on-year drop in shipments.

In conclusion, Google’s consistent efforts in the smartphone market seem to be paying off as the company continues to strengthen its presence in the market.