Dinolords – a strategy about the coexistence of Vikings and dinosaurs

Ghost Ship Games, the publishers of Deep Rock Galactica, have announced Dinolords, a new strategy game with elements of medieval and dinosaur role-playing game.

The game is being developed by Northplay studio and will be released in early access in 2025. More details can be found on the Stream page.

Dinolords is a mix of several genres: city-building, real-time strategy, and role-playing. Players will need to collect resources, build forts and settlements, conquer new territories, and engage in battles using dinosaurs to their advantage.

If you are wondering how the developers explain the appearance of dinosaurs in the Middle Ages, there is an answer to this question as well.

In the year 985 AD Eric The Red makes a discovery on his voyage to Greenland that would forever change history. Encased in the Sermitsiaq Glacier he finds ancient eggs that, when thawed and hatched, produced creatures that hadn’t walked the Earth since the dawn of time. Dinosaurs help build the settlements of Greenland and is brought back to Scandinavia to be domesticated and later bred for war.