Zoom launches its own artificial intelligence workspace, Zoom Docs

During the presentation of Zoomtopia 2023, the company announced its own modular workspace with artificial intelligence – Zoom Docs. The platform is scheduled for release in 2024.

Zoom Docs, along with the mail and calendar clients that the company launched last year, is another step in creating an alternative to Office 365 and Google Workspace. However, for now, the new service is more suitable for planning and note-taking than for serious tasks and working with large spreadsheets or documents.

Built around Zoom AI Compaion, Docs will provide users with the ability to summarize meetings, chats, and all information available within the new workspace. Users will also be able to create spreadsheets and track project progress.

Unlike Google and Microsoft, Zoom is not going to charge an additional fee for using their artificial intelligence. AI Companion is already included in the company’s subscription, which costs at least $150 per year. However, it has not yet been announced whether Docs will be included in this subscription or require additional payment.