New Suzuki Swift hatchback: coming soon!

Do you remember the Suzuki Swift, which used to be wildly popular in Ukraine? It is no longer on sale here, but new generations of the model are constantly being released. And here’s another confirmation – the Suzuki Swift concept, which already looks like an almost finished production model. By the way, it is due to go into mass production soon, starting in 2024.

Visually, it seems that the existing Suzuki Swift (red) and the new Suzuki Swift concept (blue) look very similar. However, take a closer look – everything is different: the radiator grille, the shape of the hood, the front fenders, the rear door with the handle…

It’s amazing how much a single photo can tell you about a design! Unfortunately, however, it can’t tell us anything about the interior of the Suzuki Swift concept or the powertrain. All we know is that there will be an internal combustion engine under the hood, possibly a hybrid, but the Suzuki Swift model will definitely not be switching to electric drive.

The new Suzuki Swift hatchback should be the company’s main novelty at the upcoming Japanese Motor Show, which will begin at the end of this month. More details about the car’s interior, engine, etc. will be revealed at the same time.