Google Pixel Watch 2: new platform and 24 hours of battery life with Always On Display

Google has introduced Pixel Watch 2, the successor to its first smartwatch. Although the exterior design of the model remained virtually unchanged, the new Wear OS 4 operating system and updated platform brought long-awaited improvements.

The Pixel Watch 2 has switched from the old Exynos 9110 processor to the more efficient Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, which is paired with 2 GB of RAM. This 4nm chip aims to solve the battery life issues that plagued its predecessor. Despite only a slight increase in battery capacity to 306 mAh, Google guarantees 24 hours of battery life with Always On Display enabled. Charging has also become faster: 30 minutes adds up to 12 hours of operation.

The watch has retained its 41mm size and is equipped with a 1.2-inch OLED display with a resolution of 384×384 pixels. This is slightly less than the original 450×450 pixel resolution of the first version, but it is a compromise for better battery life. The watch also received new watch faces that offer users a wider range of customization options.

Pixel Watch 2 features optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensors. The new multi-beam sensor provides up to 40% more accuracy during intense workouts by measuring heart rate at multiple locations on the wrist. In addition, the continuous electrodermal activity sensor monitors stress levels, and sleep quality indicators now include skin temperature data.

Along with the new watch, Google will offer a 6-month Fitbit Premium subscription with advanced health, physical activity, and sports analysis based on artificial intelligence.

The watch has also been given a coaching function to help you do your exercises better.

Pixel Watch 2 is 5ATM/IP68 compliant, making it suitable for swimming. An important addition is the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which allows you to accurately track UWB-enabled devices and find your smartphone and vice versa. The emergency data transfer function can automatically transmit the user’s location to trusted contacts under certain conditions.

Pixel Watch 2 customization options have been expanded with interchangeable bands. Google offers Active Sport Band, Woven Band, and a steel chain bracelet as third-party options. The strap mechanism remains compatible with the original Pixel Watch bands, allowing users to reuse their old bands.

During the presentation, Google also showed a new $30 watch charger.

Starting today, the Pixel Watch 2 will be available for sale in the US, with the Bluetooth model starting at $350 and the LTE version at $400.