Artificial intelligence will appear in the Arc browser

The Browser Company, the developers of the Arc browser, are also jumping on the AI bandwagon and testing the Max version of the browser with several interesting features.

The development team has been working for a long time to find the functionality that will not overload users, but will help them use the browser more comfortably. Therefore, Arc Max has only 5 ways to apply artificial intelligence so far:

  • Ask on the page: via Cmd + F / Ctrl + F you can get an answer to any question.
  • 5-second preview: hover over the link and press Shift to get a small preview of what awaits you on the site.
  • Ask ChatGPT: start typing ChatGPT in the search bar, press Tab, and get an answer to any question from ChatGPT.
  • Neat tabs: by simply pinning a particular tab, Max will automatically rename it, changing the name to a short and informative one
  • Neat uploads: if you upload a file from a browser, instead of img_3123.jpg, you will get a name that conveys the content of the file.

Currently, these features are only available on macOS. To start using Arc Max, you need to open the command line by pressing Cmd + T, write Arc Max and press Enter, then select Turn on Max and all the necessary functions.

For Windows users, a waitlist is now open where you can enter your email address and be notified as soon as Arc Max becomes available for Microsoft OS.