Getty Images launches AI-powered image generator developed in partnership with NVIDIA

Getty Images launches Generative AI, a proprietary image generator based on artificial intelligence. It was developed in partnership with the American chipmaker NVIDIA, reports Engadget.

The tool is unique in that it is trained on Getty’s own image database. The peculiarity of the content created by Generative AI is that users do not have to worry about potential copyright issues.

Until now, it seemed that Getty had a fairly unambiguous position on artificial intelligence. However, now it seems that the company does not want to lose its position in the industry.

Competing photo services have already announced their own AI solutions. For example, Shutterstock uses the DALL-E model from Open AI. Instead, the Getty tool is based on the Edify AI model, which is part of the NVIDIA Picasso cloud service.

Earlier, Getty Images filed a lawsuit in the US against Stability AI, the creators of the open-source AI image generator Stable Diffusion. The stock photo company accuses Stability AI of “brazenly infringing Getty Images’ intellectual property on a staggering scale”.