A major Windows 11 update has been released. What’s new?

Microsoft has released the Moment 4 update for Windows 11 22H2, which brings many new features and improvements. One of the biggest additions is Windows Copilot, an AI-powered digital assistant that integrates into various parts of the Windows 11 desktop.

Copilot is the successor to Cortana, offering users the ability to manage settings, launch apps, and answer questions directly from the sidebar on the desktop.

In addition to Copilot, several major programs are receiving AI-based updates. Microsoft Paint is getting advanced features reminiscent of Photoshop, including support for transparency and layers. However, this feature is not yet available to all users.

Another notable innovation in Paint is the Paint Cocreator feature, which allows users to create unique images using text prompts and styles. However, this feature will initially work on a credit system during the preview period, hinting at the possibility of future payments.

The Snippet Capture tool also gets smarter with the ability to extract text from images and automatically redact sensitive information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Similarly, the Photos app now has a background blur feature that allows users to focus on the subject and blur the background later.

File Explorer has been redesigned to match the modern aesthetic of Windows 11. The updated interface features large file thumbnails, a carousel for recent and favorite files, and a more organized look.

The update also offers the Dynamic Lighting option to control the RGB backlighting of third-party devices.

The backup and migration processes in the updated Windows 11 have been made easier with an improved backup program. It facilitates a smooth transition to new devices by backing up your existing settings to the cloud and restoring them to your new computer.

The update also introduces support for Passkeys, which allows users to log in to accounts using biometric methods or PINs.

Developers and IT administrators also have a lot to look forward to. The update integrates Windows 365 cloud computing into Windows 11, offering features such as Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch to help you switch between on-premises and cloud computing faster.

To make it easier to set up Windows developer computers and configure coding environments in the cloud, a new Dev Home app has been released.

Microsoft has hinted that the next update, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2023, will include even more features. Among the expected features are a new volume mixer, built-in support for RAR and 7-zip, application shortcuts and taskbar ungrouping, and improved digital ink handling.

Users who want to try out the latest features of Windows 11 can already manually check for the update in the Windows Update settings menu.