DJI Mini 4 Pro receives omnidirectional obstacle detection technology

DJI has introduced the new DJI Mini 4 Pro drone, priced at $759. This model is the first in the Mini series to feature omnidirectional obstacle detection, a significant improvement over the Mini 3 Pro, which could only scan the space in front, behind, and below the body. The Mini 4 Pro’s Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) improves safety by providing automatic braking and avoidance during flight.

The Mini 4 Pro matches the larger and more expensive DJI Air 3 in several ways. Both drones have a similar 1/1.3-inch, 48-megapixel, f/1.7 main camera with an 82-degree field of view, and comparable battery life of over 40 minutes. The Mini 4 Pro also features 100fps 4K video, 200fps 1080p video, and Ocusync 4 video streaming, which provides a 20km range, an improvement over the previous generation’s 12km.

The drone also offers the True Vertical feature, which was already available in the Mini 3 Pro and the more affordable Mini 3 model for $469. The Mini 3 remains DJI’s budget option with slightly longer battery life, depending on the battery used.

For those looking for more speed and flexibility, the DJI Air series is the way to go with additional features like a second telephoto camera. The Mini 4 Pro is compatible with the same batteries as the Mini 3 Pro, but requires a new controller due to the updated Ocusync 4 video transmission system.