The robbery simulator Payday 3 is out and players don’t seem to like it very much

Starbreeze Studios’ heist simulator Payday 3 has finally been released on PC and consoles. On the occasion of this event, the developers presented a new trailer for the game.

But it seems that players are not very happy with the release. Payday 3 is being criticized for its terrible interface, the need for constant connection, long time to find a game, and lag (!!!) even when playing alone. In addition, players do not like the lack of a match browser, the poor weapon customization and progression system, the hostage system, etc. At the same time, players agree that the game has great potential, but it needs significant improvement.

Currently, the Steam-rating of Payday 3 is only 41% with more than 8 thousand reviews. The number of online players on the pizza is 33 thousand, which is quite small for a cooperative game in a well-known franchise. Payday 3 failed to reach even the Top 20 on Steam.

Therefore, if you want to try Payday 3, we recommend that you do it through the Xbox/PC Games Pass to avoid overpaying for a raw product.