Microsoft announces major Windows 11 update with AI assistant Copilot

At a special event in New York, Microsoft also announced another major update to Windows 11, which will be available in the near future. The company also specifically noted that this is not 23H2, but an update of 22H2.

The update contains more than 150 new features and is mainly devoted to AI functions, including the Microsoft Copilot AI assistant, which the company announced back in May. In addition to the operating system, Copilot will also be available in other Microsoft products – the Edge browser, Bing search engine, and Microsoft 365, which will be available later this fall.

Additionally, Bing will add support for OpenAI’s latest DALL.E 3 model, which will allow it to provide more personalized answers based on your search history and help with online shopping.

Other new features include an updated Paint graphic editor, which, as we previously reported, will have layers and transparency features, and Photos will have a background blur feature and improved search, including among photos stored in OneDrive.

“The Snipping Tool will teach you how to extract text from an image and edit text in a screenshot to protect personal data, as well as record audio from a microphone to create a video with sound.

Clipchamp’s video editor will get an automatic layout feature that will offer different options for scenes and editing your photo and video content, and Notepad will automatically save the current state of your session and restore previously opened tabs (with manually saved content and changes to them) after you restart.

The update will also include the updated Outlook email client, which became publicly available to all users in the Microsoft Store a few days ago, and an updated File Explorer with improved home page, address bar, and search bar. Microsoft also promises to add a new Gallery feature to the file manager to make it easier to view your photo collection.

And another feature the company talked about is Windows Backup, which will make it easier to back up and move to a new PC. According to the company, Windows Backup will transfer most files, programs, and settings from one computer to another so “seamlessly” that the user “will find everything on the new PC exactly where they left it on the previous one.”

Microsoft promises to make the update available to all Windows 11 users on September 26.