Star Citizen has already raised $600 million and reached the Alpha 3.20 stage

Star Citizen, a space game that began development back in 2010, is still in development, but the game has already raised $600 million and reached the stage of Alpha 3.20. On this occasion, the developers presented a new trailer in which they threw a couple of pebbles into the garden of Starfield.

Cloud Imperium Games has redesigned some of the Arena modes, such as combat and racing, and one of the first stations in the game, Seraphim Station; added new missions, reworked cargo physics, and of course, introduced a new ship that costs “only” $500.

As for the pebbles in Starfield’s garden, it’s another emphasis on the seamlessness of the Star Citizen universe, where you can land on every planet without any loading screens. But there is one caveat – Starfield has already been released, and it is still unknown how many years and additional money Cloud Imperium Games will need to finish their ambitious game. Another 10 years and another $600 million?

Do you think this game will ever be released? Although we have to pay tribute to the authors, the videos and screenshots from Star Citizen look really cool.