iPhone 15 Pro will receive a chassis made of Grade 5 titanium (6Al-4V)

According to insiders, one of the updates to the older iPhone 15 Pro models will be the replacement of the steel frame with a titanium one. This will allow the smartphone to slightly reduce weight (both Pro models are expected to be about 18 grams lighter), improve durability, and slightly update its appearance.

Sources at MacRumors say that Apple will use the most common variant of Grade 5 titanium (6Al-4V) for this purpose. The alloy also contains small amounts of aluminum and vanadium. It is used in prosthetics, aviation, racing, etc.

This material should also affect the appearance. The steel bezels on current models are almost mirror-like. They easily collect fingerprints and become covered with small scratches over time. The titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro, on the other hand, will be matte, and may be better preserved over time and look more neat.

It is noted that Apple did try to polish the titanium to a high gloss. But despite the change in material, it was still covered with scratches. Because of this, in the final version, they opted for the matte option, which better visually “hides” the damage.

However, this solution may have weaknesses. Even a titanium case can still be damaged. The test samples could be dented, which was also accompanied by peeling of the color coating. And it is not yet known whether the engineers made any changes to prevent this.

And speaking of colors, the options in the iPhone 15 Pro will also change. This time, the choice will be among the following variations: Blue, Space Black/Space Gray, Titanium Gray, and Silver. (You can already joke about “shades of gray” in the comments.) Fans of the “gold” iPhone will not be envied this time.

Apple has worked with titanium before. For example, in 2001, it was possible to buy the PowerBook G4 Titanium, and now the Apple Watch Ultra (from which new iPhones can borrow the Action Button instead of the call mode switch). Most likely, today the company’s list of titanium products will be supplemented by a smartphone.