Bug in Starfield forces players to change the gender of characters to fire weapons

Starfield players report a bug that prevents them from firing weapons in the game. To solve the problem, they advise to take radical measures – change the gender of the character, writes 404 Media.

Changing your character’s gender. If you started with a male character, changing it to female in one of the game’s genetics facilities fixes the bug, and the opposite is true as well,” writes the author of the publication, who personally encountered the bug.

Genetic laboratories allow players to change their appearance by returning to the character creation menu at the beginning of the game. Here, players can change every detail of their appearance: hair, facial features, body type, and gender for 500 credits.

“For whatever reason, changing the gender resets something in the game that fixes the bug, allowing players to fire their guns again. They can also just easily change their gender back,” the author adds.

Bethesda games are known for their bugs. Starfield is a huge world with many characters, locations, and systems that allow players to behave in such unpredictable ways that it is simply impossible to test every possibility. So numerous bugs are inevitable. You can learn more about Starfield in the review.