The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration requires 63 changes to the SpaceX Starship Heavy design, most of which have already been made

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has completed an investigation into the SpaceX Starship Heavy crash in April, 23rd and published a list of comments on the design and launch preparation process that SpaceX engineers should take into account before the next Starship test.

The comments relate to additional sensors in the launch vehicle tanks; preventing leaks in the aft section; eliminating leaks in Starship systems and Raptor engines; reducing possible collateral damage in the event of a fire; improving the reliability of Starship, Raptor engines and avionics; risk management; controlling changes to CAD; security systems; and redesigning the launch pad.

Most of the 63 comments were taken into account by SpaceX even before the FAA report was published in preparation for the test of the Super Heavy Booster 9. To get permission to re-launch Starship Heavy, the company has to fix only 6 items from the entire list.