Roblox to launch Roblox Assistant chatbot to help with the creation of virtual worlds

The Roblox gaming platform has announced the Roblox Assistant chatbot. It will work on the basis of artificial intelligence and will help to create virtual worlds on the platform, writes The Verge.

According to the company’s CTO Daniel Sturman, the tool will allow creating basic game actions, as well as help with coding and answering questions about development on the platform.

Roblox Assistant is planned to be launched in late 2023 or early 2024. Over time, the chatbot’s capabilities will be expanded. For example, it will be able to create complex gameplay and even make 3D models.

Roblox also introduced another AI-based solution. It will allow players to create avatars similar to themselves from images and text prompts. This tool is expected to be launched next year.

Another solution concerns real-time moderation of voice conversations. In this case, AI will reduce the level of toxicity on the platform. The company started testing the tool in August and will soon launch its English-language model. Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese will also be added by the end of the year.

Earlier it was reported that the Roblox platform is accused of providing access to gambling for minors. According to a class action lawsuit filed by parents, the popular gaming platform Roblox acts as an illegal gambling network that preys on children.