Google wants to allow Gmail users to send emojis in response to emails

Google is developing special emojis for Gmail, which, if launched, will make the email service more like a messaging app. This was reported by The Verge.

This feature was first reported by The Tape Drive after a code was found in the Gmail app for iOS that allows users to respond to emails using emojis.

Evidence of such intentions was also found in the latest Gmail APK for Android. There are several lines of code in the APK that directly relate to emoji reactions. Details are scarce, but one of the lines of code says that the feature is “coming soon” and that “you’re one of the first Gmail users to get reaction emoji.”

The feature is expected to work with certain limitations. For example, one email will contain no more than 20 emojis. Google has not publicly announced that it is working on the feature. However, the company’s spokesperson Madison Cushman Weld advised to follow the news when asked by The Verge. She sent 3 emojis.

Earlier, it was reported that Google’s Gmail will strengthen security measures. Вони діятимуть під спроби користувача отримати доступ до «чутливих» налаштувань.