EA SPORTS WRC – a new rally simulator from Codemasters

EA SPORTS has announced a new rally simulator from Codemasters – EA Sports WRC. This time it is the official game of the racing series under the FIA World Rally Championship license, the first Codemasters game with licensed cars since Colin McRae Rally 3 (2002).

Among the announced features of EA SPORTS WRC are: the ability to build your own rally car; an updated system of interaction between the car and various track surfaces; authentic cars of the WRC, WRC2 and Junior WRC series; 2023 liveries; historical races; 17 official modern and historical race locations; career and championship modes, cross-platform multiplayer, etc.

EA SPORTS received the WRC license only last year, and the previous seven WRC games, the last of which, WRC Generations, was released in 2022, were developed by the French studio Kylotonn.

EA Sports WRC already has a release date of November 3, 23. Among platforms Windows PC (EA app, Steam, EGS), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-order for the game is already open, the standard version costs 1,299 UAH on Steam, which is quite a little for EA.

We could be happy for Codemasters and the players, but it’s a bit worrying that several of the studio’s previous racing games were frankly weak, such as Grid Legends (2022) and Dirt 5 (2020). On the other hand, the licensed games, such as the F1 series, which the studio has been developing since 2009, are doing more than fine. Let’s hope that the new EA Sports WRC will follow the path of F1 rather than Grid/Dirt.