SAG-AFTRA prepares to strike against game studios, parties fail to agree on AI and salaries

The actors’ guild SAG-AFTRA has authorized its members to go on strike against game studios. However, this does not mean that the protest will actually take place, writes The Register.

The agreement between the union and gaming companies, including Activision, Epic Games, and Electronic Arts, expired last fall. But it was extended to allow the parties to negotiate a new agreement. So far, this has not been done, and the negotiations have reached a deadlock.

Among the guild’s demands is an increase in wages so that its members’ earnings keep pace with inflation. They also demand protection from artificial intelligence. SAG-AFTRA is convinced that the use of AI threatens the profession of actors working with the gaming industry.

Meanwhile, a representative of the gaming companies told CNN that they want to reach a fair agreement that reflects the important contribution of the guild workers to the games. They want to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

We remind you that in May this year, the Writers Guild went on strike. This affected the production of shows and TV projects. In the summer, film and TV actors joined the strike, which also affected filming.