Creators of white noise podcasts will lose their main source of income on Spotify

Spotify is preparing to disable white noise podcasts from its Ambassador Ads monetization program, which allowed them to earn tens of thousands of dollars, starting October 1. This is reported by Engadget with reference to Bloomberg.

Under this program, the streaming service pays podcast creators to read advertisements for the company’s own products. The goal is to encourage more people to make shows for the platform.

Earlier it became known that some creators of white-noise podcasts earn up to $18 thousand per month, but bring little profit to the company. Recently, the streaming service also considered removing such podcasts from the platform.

The fact is that advertising on white noise podcasts has not proven to be very effective, as listeners of such content are more passive than other shows. Therefore, the streaming service does not see significant benefits from its placement.

However, creators of white-noise podcasts will still be able to earn money through direct listener support, paid memberships, or automated advertising. However, they will lose their main source of income on the platform.

Another Spotify change involves raising the threshold for participation in the Ambassador Ads program. Now podcasts must have 1000 unique listeners within 60 days (instead of 100) to participate in the program.