Tech billionaires showed a visualization of the city they want to build in California

More and more details are becoming available about the intentions of tech billionaires to create a utopian city in California. The details of the ambitious project are revealed by the San Francisco Chronicle.

It’s called California Forever and has already gotten its own website. Here is a visualization of the project, which is planned to be created on agricultural land in Solano County.

The Mediterranean atmosphere in the images is reminiscent of Greek or Italian countryside. The images show various urban scenes, such as pedestrians wandering the streets between cafes and farm shops, or workers installing solar panels.

In addition to visualizing the future city, the website calls for “starting a conversation about Solano County East.” The fact is that the project became known relatively recently. The intentions to build a new city caused quite a stormy reaction from politicians, farmers, and environmentalists.

Among other things, the California Forever website promises “a chance for a new community, good-paying local jobs, solar farms, and open space.” The site also says that Solano County embodies the diversity of California’s landscapes and the people who inhabit it.

“It is the home of agriculture and green energy industries that sustainably feed and power our state, strong middle-class communities, and our nation’s busiest Air Force base,” the group states. “Eastern Solano County is also an area ready for a new community. We’re excited to tell our story.”

In addition, California Forever introduced one of the project’s investors, John Dorr of Kleiner Perkins. Gabriel Metcalf, former CEO of SPUR, an urban think tank in San Francisco, is also part of the team behind the project.

California Forever claims to have interviewed 2,000 Solano County residents who expressed the need for good jobs, increased public safety, reduced homelessness, and more.

Earlier, it was reported that tech leaders spent $800 million to build a new city near San Francisco.