Chrome has a new feature for copying frames from videos, but there are questions about it

Google is introducing a feature that allows you to copy video footage in the Chrome web browser without having to take screenshots. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS, writes Engadget.

In this way, the company is trying to make life easier for users, as screenshots often have poor image quality. The feature has another advantage: it removes the video control panel.

Nevertheless, the feature doesn’t work exactly as advertised. For example, it requires two mouse clicks instead of one to access it on YouTube. In addition, users are not yet able to save the image as a separate file on the desktop. For now, they can paste the images into Google Docs or Apple Notes, for example.

The feature is technically useful, but it is currently quite limited. It’s convenient to use on YouTube, but there are questions about how it works on other platforms. So, obviously, it will need to be improved.

Earlier we reported about the feature of recognizing documents in the form of images and converting them into text, which was announced for Chrome. It is part of a larger initiative to provide access to web content for people with visual impairments or problems with reading text.