Duet AI in Google Meet will be able to conduct meetings instead of you

Google Meet aims to revolutionize the way users think about virtual meetings with new AI-powered features announced at the Google Cloud Next conference, reports The Verge.

One of the most significant additions to Meet is Duet AI, which can take notes in real time during a meeting. If you click on the “take notes for me” button, the app will generate a summary and list action items as the meeting progresses. If you join a meeting late, Google will provide you with a meeting summary to help you catch up. You can also chat privately with a Google chatbot during the meeting to clarify any details you missed. After the meeting is over, you can save the summary to Google Docs, which can include videos of the highlights.

The Duet AI feature aims to eliminate the need for special notebooks, making it easier for participants to catch up with each other during and after meetings. This is in line with similar AI-powered meeting summarization features from Microsoft and Zoom. However, the effectiveness of these notes remains to be seen, as artificial intelligence is prone to errors. The note-taking feature is expected to be available in Google Workspace Labs in the coming months.

Another innovative feature allows Duet AI to “attend” meetings on your behalf. If you click the “Attend for me” button in a meeting invitation, Google will automatically generate an abstract that will be visible to other participants. This feature can be especially useful if you have overlapping meetings or have to leave suddenly. However, there are concerns that people may abuse this feature to avoid work meetings. This feature is scheduled to launch next year.