1.3 million Steam users attended Ukrainian Games Festival 2023

GTP Media has shared the results of the Ukrainian Games Festival 2023, which took place on Steam from August 18 to 24, 2023.

Ukraine’s Independence Day Festival was attended by 1.3 million logged-in Steam users – 19 times more than last year! The Ukrainian Games Festival banner first appeared on the Steam homepage, so a total of 3.3 million players learned about the festival. Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 became the most popular of all five Steam events organized by Indie Cup and Ukrainian Games.

In total, 341 Ukrainian games took part in the festival, from blockbusters from GSC Game World, 4A Games, and Frogwares to indie games from solo developers. Of these projects, 95 are still in development, and 77 have free demos.

Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 received excellent feedback from participants. During the festival, many projects saw a significant increase in sales and the number of users who added games to their wish list. And some noted that the results at the festival were even better than the results during the release. Some of the feedback can be seen on the Ukrainian Games Twitter, in particular, the results were shared by STONKS-9800 developers and Erra: Exordium. Ternox reported a 1247% increase in the number of hits on the Wish List, 3,000 additional fans for STONKS-9800, a +169% increase in revenue, and a +582% increase in the number of copies purchased. Erra: Exordium gained +2400 additions to the Wish List.

Well, let’s hope that in 2024, Ukrainian Games Festival will be even bigger and more interesting. The Ukrainian gaming industry is experiencing a real new boom, and this is good news.