NASA recognizes July 2023 as the hottest since records began

We are already accustomed to monthly news from NASA, which recognizes each month as the hottest on record. Well, July 2023 did not disappoint scientists, it was the hottest July since 1880.

July 2023 was 0.24°C warmer than any other July on record and 1.18°C warmer than the average July between 1951 and 1980.

Parts of South America, North Africa, North America and the Antarctic Peninsula were particularly hot, with temperatures about 4°C above average. The record-breaking July continues a long-term warming trend, with five of the hottest Julys since 1880 occurring in the last five years, according to NASA.

“This July was not just warmer than any previous July – it was the warmest month in our record, which goes back to 1880,” said GISS Director Gavin Schmidt. “The science is clear this isn’t normal. Alarming warming around the world is driven primarily by human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. And that rise in average temperatures is fueling dangerous extreme heat that people are experiencing here at home and worldwide.”

Judging by what we can see out the window now, August 2023 will also be the hottest in history.

As a reminder, NASA expects 2024 to be even hotter due to the lack of a significant El Niño event.