The results of the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #3 contest have been summarized

Ternox summed up the results of the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #3 contest, which it organized and sponsored.

We remind you that the third Ukrainian visual short story contest since the beginning of the full-scale invasion was dedicated to Virtuality. The winners of the competition in the General Impression category were the following visual novels.

5th place – “Kami Project”
4th place – “Her Sugarbears”“Security Policy”
2nd place – “Resonator”“Postman Evie from the Ark of Avor”view the overall results of the contest on its page, as well as play the games for free.

It’s nice that some of the games from the previous jams have finally been released on Steam, such as Notes of My Silence, which participated in Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #2 and appeared on Steam yesterday.