Google has announced a Chrome update to improve the browser’s performance

Google has announced Chrome updates for mobile and desktop that focus on integration and efficiency, writes Engadget.

New mobile features aim to improve the search process, while Chrome for desktop computers makes it easier to download and access files from the Internet.

On Chrome mobile, the new web page has a “Trending searches” category. When entering a query, ten recommendations appear here instead of the previous six.

As for Chrome for desktop, say goodbye to the clumsy download bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. In the future, downloads will appear in the upper right corner of the browser, next to the user’s account image.

When the user wants to save something, a circle will appear around the icon, which will turn blue when the download is complete. You can click on the button and see what has been saved within 24 hours, open a folder with a certain file, repeat, pause or cancel the download.

It was previously reported that Chrome browser will receive a function of recognizing documents in the form of images and converting them into text. This is part of a larger initiative to provide access to web content for people with visual impairments or problems with understanding text information.