This year, ASUS will start production of video cards with no cables

The ASUS wireless graphics card prototype that was mentioned at Computex was shown again at a recent tech conference in China, and according to attendees, the company has announced that it will start production of this model in the fall of 2023. This is reported by ExtremeTech.

A video demonstrating the video card, which does not yet have a special official name, appeared on the Bilibili website. In it, you can see the RTX 4070 cards in black and white colors. It seems that ASUS plans to evaluate consumer feedback before deciding whether it will make other models, like the RTX 4090, without cables.

The only obstacle is that you will need a special ASUS motherboard to use these video cards. Because although there are no additional connectors on the top of the video card itself, there are on the PCB below – one is standard PCIe and the other is for the new power slot on the motherboard. Power comes from the rear of the motherboard, which has both the traditional 6- and 8-pin connectors, as well as NVIDIA’s 12VHPWR connector.

In addition, considering the location of the power connectors, it seems that buyers will also need a special ATX case with cutouts in this place, most likely also from ASUS. The company produces ATX cases, but they are not cheap, in addition, gamers do not change chassis very often, remaining loyal to selected brands for a long time.

According to our experts, mass distribution of video cards with no cables is unlikely at this stage, but making the internal space of the case free of additional wires would be very good.