The Ukrainian game BIGFOOT received a major UPDATE 5.0

Horror shooter BIGFOOT from the Ukrainian studio CyberLight Game Studio got a big update.

The developers continue to port and adapt BIGFOOT for the Unreal Engine 5 engine and this time added the Lumen global illumination system to the game, which improves the lighting, making it more realistic. As part of this update, the models of houses, trees, grass, etc. had to be remade for the new lighting. Additionally, Volumetric fog near the ground surface, optimized materials and spot lighting, and some other game subsystems were added.

As a reminder, BIGFOOT is a single-player/co-op action/horror where players try to hunt a Bigfoot while the Bigfoot hunts players. Bigfoot can be controlled by either the AI or another player. The game was released in Steam Early Access back in 2017 and has yet to make it to release.

The GameSensor service named BIGFOOT the second most profitable Ukrainian Steam game in 2022 after Metro Exodus.