The NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet, once worth $2.9M, can be bought for just $4

It looks like NFT craze that rocked the internet two years ago has fizzled out. Once a very valuable property, the NFT of the first ever tweet sent by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, which was once worth $2.9 million, is now valued at just $3.77. Twitter account Stocktwits drew attention to this.

The legendary tweet of the founder of the Twitter service Jack Dorsey was purchased in 2021 by Iranian crypto-businessman Sina Estavi for an impressive sum of $2.9 million. He hoped to sell this NFT for $48 million after some time and send 50% of the proceeds to charity. But for some reason, there were no people willing to pay such money for a digital asset.

In the spring of 2022, the NFT, which was once described as the “Mona Lisa of the digital world”, was already being offered for $6,800. In the spring of 2023, it cost only $277.

Currently, from $3.74 to $1,871.47 are offered for the legendary NFT listed on the OpenSea exchange.