ChatGPT can now remember who you are and what you want

ChatGPT has a new feature called “user instructions”. Its purpose is to tell the chatbot what it needs to know about the user and how it should answer questions, writes The Verge.

This feature is still in beta and will work on all devices that have ChatGPT. But it will be especially useful on mobile devices. The feature is currently available for ChatGPT Plus everywhere except the UK and EU.

“Right now, if you open up ChatGPT, it doesn’t know much about you. If you start a new thread, it forgets everything you’ve talked about in the past. But there are things that might apply across all conversations,” says Joanne Jang, who works on model behaviors and product at OpenAI.

She added that the idea behind the feature is to make it easier for ChatGPT to get to know users, so it can become a much faster and more useful virtual assistant. And part of the work of any good assistant is to know what and when is necessary and important.

We will remind, according to the Internet analytical company Similarweb, in June mobile and desktop traffic on the ChatGPT website fell by 9.7% worldwide. If Similarweb’s data is accurate, this drop marks the first time an OpenAI chatbot has experienced a decline in users. In June, app tracker Sensor Tower also saw a drop in downloads of ChatGPT’s iOS client after a peak earlier in the month.