Train World – a railway simulator from a Ukrainian developer

The train simulator Train World, from the Ukrainian studio Turn Point Games (it’s actually one person, Dmytro Aleksiuk), was released on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Train World is a traditional rail network strategy/simulator. You build tracks, buy locomotives and wagons, set routes and transport goods and passengers. And you also discover new types of trains, move to new eras, etc. A feature of Train World is a large map divided into regions and a dynamic economy.

The author promises a large number of locomotives and wagons for completing trains; three eras with distinctive visual elements; more than 30 types of cargo for transportation; research tree; several types of bridges, tunnels and tracks; passenger and special freight stations; a system of tasks for earning additional money, etc.

Train World has a demo version, so you can try the game yourself. The game supports Ukrainian language.

Until July 27, 2023, Train World can be purchased on Steam with a 10% discount for UAH 450. The cost of the game on EGS is UAH 639.

It is interesting that Train World is not the only Ukrainian game about trains that should be released in the near future. Also the game Railroad Corporation 2 from the Ukrainian studio Corbie Games is in development.