The Ukrainian game STONKS-9800 was released in Steam Early Access

1980s Japanese stock market simulator inspired by retro anime and city pop STONKS-9800, from the Ukrainian developer Ternox Games, was released in Steam Early Access.

As a reminder, in this game you have to buy shares, receive dividends, follow the course, influence the stock market, manage companies. In addition, it is important to monitor the state of one’s own health and not to overdo it. So buy yourself real estate and cars, increasing your own comfort, relax in pubs, play paccinco and horse races.

According to the developer, STONKS-9800 will be in Early Access for no more than one year. The game is currently fully playable, but the full version will be more polished, with fewer bugs and glitches, and will have additional features or content.

Until July 24, 2023, STONKS-9800 can be purchased with a discount only for 135 hryvnias. The game’s Steam rating is currently 95% from 66 reviews. Not a bad start.

We will remind you that at the beginning of the year we did a big interview with Ternox.