EA SPORTS FC 24 – even more realism

As promised, EA SPORTS revealed a little more about the next football simulator FC 24. More precisely, about the technologies used in the game and help make it more realistic. In a new video, the developers talk about HyperMotionV technologies, PlayStyles and the capabilities of the Frostbite 3 engine.

HyperMotionV technology should increase the authenticity and realism of matches due to the collection of spatial data during real games and machine learning algorithms. EA SPORTS placed sensors in some stadiums and collected spatial data during 180 games of the top leagues.

Advanced 11v11 Match Capture technology will allow you to bring into the game the interaction of all players (Full Team Volumetric Motion) on the field and even some iconic goals. Machine learning on the Advanced 11v11 Match Capture database will help improve the smoothness of movements and transitions between them. AI Mimic will allow you to create unique movements and body language of famous football players. The updated technology AcceleRATE 2.0 is responsible for different types of acceleration of players during running, which have become more. Kinetic Physical Play is responsible for player interaction during tight play, such as when blocking the ball with the body.

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ are also based on data collected during real matches from real players and account for the individual characteristics and characteristic play style of key players.

As for the Frostbite engine, which, let’s recall, is now used in almost all EA games, the developers paid attention to lighting, detailing of players and even to the simulation of the fabric of the uniform.

As a reminder, FC 24 is the first football simulator from EA SPORTS, which is in no way related to FIFA. EA SPORTS FC 24 is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Windows PC, Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S on September 29, 2023. Most of the technologies mentioned above only work on PC and next-generation consoles.