User activity is starting to decrease in Threads – SimilarWeb

User activity on Meta’s new Threads platform has declined from initial highs, despite its status as the fastest-growing app. This is evidenced by the data of the analytical company SimilarWeb, writes Engadget.

According to its new report, the number of daily active users of Threads decreased from 49 million (July 7) to 23.6 million (July 14). And in the US, where engagement is the highest, Threads usage has dropped from 21 minutes a day to just over six minutes during that time.

While SimilarWeb cautions that its data is only based on Threads usage on Android, its findings are consistent with data from other companies. Market research firm Sensor Tower reported a similar decline in engagement, writing in a report that the app “experienced double-digit declines in DAU (daily active users) and user engagement since launch.”

This situation was predicted. Threads launched at a time when many Twitter users were looking for an alternative, and its connection to Instagram made it extremely easy for users to sign up and transfer their existing social profiles. At the same time, the app lacks many basic features, including a non-algorithmic feed, which is not easy for brands and influencers to dominate.

We remind you that Instagram plans to transfer its branded content tools to the new Threads platform. This will give marketers an opportunity to start experimenting with paid promotion.